BBC is megaphone for the non-Murdoch media elite

How can the BBC justify giving so much prominence to the story of Rupert Murdoch’s (well News Corporation’s actually) plan to buy the shares in BSkyB they don’t already own, giving them full control.

It’s now been announced Sky News will be farmed-off, in the interests of maintaining media plurality.

What a load of horse.

People in general don’t care about this. They already have a ream of editorially biased newspapers to get their own personal choice of slewed news. The fact News International will now be part of a group which wholly owns Sky is of no consequence, on plurality grounds at least.

The people who do care fall into two camps.

Firstly, other media companies. They have a vested interest in preventing the Murdoch media empire from getting more successful still. Other newspapers would do better to concentrate their efforts on dragging their media into the 21st Century, including establishing business models that aren’t as out-of-date as letterpress printing.

Secondly, the Murdoch haters. This group of people pepper the comment sections of any media story involving Rupert with a spite and vitriol more appropriate to a dictator bent on genocide. For god’s sake, it’s only telly and newspapers.

The BBC unjustly acts as the megaphone for the whines of a media elite whose own small empires continue to be outmanoeuvred by the ever more nimble and visionary Murdoch clan.

What is interesting is how this will affect existing and new subscribers to Sky, The Times and News of the World.

On the one hand this could be good, easier access to more content wherever you are.

On the other hand, with such little competition from the UK’s other media, pricing becomes a one-sided battle, with only one winner.

PS. Do a search for Media Barons on Google and nine out of the first ten images are Rupert Murdoch, there’s something in that too.

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